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5 Steps to Choosing Wedding Colors

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Before you send out your ‘Save the Date’ you should consider what your wedding colors are going to be so you can hint at them in the Save the Date notice. Wedding colors are very personal, they set the pace for the occasion.

Picking wedding colors

There are 5 steps to choosing wedding colors that you can take that

will ensure that your wedding day represents you and your partner best.

Consider the Season

Each season of the year has a color palette that is associated with it. Consider the season that you will be having your wedding in and consider the palettes that are most often associated with that season. For example:

Winter-Winter whites, blues, purples and other dark colors are often associated with winter.

Spring- Spring has the largest palettes. You can choose from all the pastels for spring that range from greens to pale pinks to yellows.

Summer-Offers colors of the ocean, the sand, bright pinks, strawberry reds and other vibrant colors.

Fall- Autumn colors are all about burnt oranges and browns, earth tones also are a good representation.

Consider the Trends

Each year new color trends emerge for weddings. Consider the color trends for weddings and see if there are potential combos that you and your partner just love.

Consider What You Love

It is your wedding, choose what you love. There is no hard line color combo musts that you have to stick too. So what if your color combo for your wedding is a little different! Its your day and it should be an expression of you.

Consider What Looks Good

Surrounding yourself with the right colors on your wedding day can actually enhance how you look. We all have colors that just highlight our look. Choosing the right colors that help you to look your best is a great way to choose your wedding colors.

Don’t forget to include the color palettes that make your partner look good as well before you make your choice.

Make Sure You Love It

Before you start ordering anything be sure that you love your wedding colors because if you don’t you just will not love your wedding. You will spend the day mulling over the colors.

Another tip to follow is to run it past your wedding party members to see how they feel about your color choices. Sometimes Arroyo Yellow and Gable Green sound appealing on the fly but some sage advice can take us back down to planet earth and help us to realize that sometimes less is more in the color department. 

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