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5 Steps to Choosing Wedding Colors

Before you send out your ‘Save the Date’ you should consider what your wedding colors are going to be so you can hint at them in the Save the Date notice. Wedding colors are very personal, they set the pace for the occasion.

Picking wedding colors

There are 5 steps to choosing wedding colors that you can take that

will ensure that your wedding day represents you and your partner best.

Consider the Season

Each season of the year has a color palette that is associated with it. Consider the season that you will be having your wedding in and consider the palettes that are most often associated with that season. For example:

Winter-Winter whites, blues, purples and other dark colors are often associated with winter.

Spring- Spring has the largest palettes. You can choose from all the pastels for spring that range from greens to pale pinks to yellows.

Summer-Offers colors of the ocean, the sand, bright pinks, strawberry reds and other vibrant colors.

Fall- Autumn colors are all about burnt oranges and browns, earth tones also are a good representation.

Consider the Trends

Each year new color trends emerge for weddings. Consider the color trends for weddings and see if there are potential combos that you and your partner just love.

Consider What You Love

It is your wedding, choose what you love. There is no hard line color combo musts that you have to stick too. So what if your color combo for your wedding is a little different! Its your day and it should be an expression of you.

Consider What Looks Good

Surrounding yourself with the right colors on your wedding day can actually enhance how you look. We all have colors that just highlight our look. Choosing the right colors that help you to look your best is a great way to choose your wedding colors.

Don’t forget to include the color palettes that make your partner look good as well before you make your choice.

Make Sure You Love It

Before you start ordering anything be sure that you love your wedding colors because if you don’t you just will not love your wedding. You will spend the day mulling over the colors.

Another tip to follow is to run it past your wedding party members to see how they feel about your color choices. Sometimes Arroyo Yellow and Gable Green sound appealing on the fly but some sage advice can take us back down to planet earth and help us to realize that sometimes less is more in the color department. 

How to Plan the Perfect Formal Party


Planning the perfect formal party takes a lot of preparation and hard work, but it can be fun too. If you find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, then read on for a simple guide to planning  a formal party that your guests will rave about.

Set a Date

One of the most important things you should do is decide on a date that works best for everyone. Make a list of possible days when you can host the party, then ask your guests about their schedules so you can decide on the best date and time. Once you have a guest list and a set date, it’s time to send the invitations.

Formal Invitations

Many people send invitations digitally these days, but for a formal party it’s better to go the more traditional route with elegant stationery invites by mail. Your guests will appreciate the gesture, and you might even have some fun in the process. If you require formal dress (which is suggested for a formal event), then include a dress code in your invite.

Plan Your Menu

Great food is essential for any formal party. Every host wants to impress their guests with a fantastic meal. First, consider your guest’s preferences. Things like food allergies, religious beliefs, and general likes and dislikes should be accounted for. If you’re planning a dinner party, include a main course, an appetizer, and a dessert. That’s a lot to think about when catering to the likes and needs of your guests, so make sure you allow plenty of time for planning. Once you decide on your menu, it’s time to shop. Set a budget, find the best deals, and shop a couple days before the event.

Atmosphere is Everything

A formal party needs a formal atmosphere. Music, appropriate decor, and entertainment are all important for the perfect party environment. Select music that enhances the mood you’re going for. Consider a theme for you party, to give your event a personal and fun touch, then plan your decor accordingly. For a dinner party, consider your place settings and create a lovely centerpiece for your tables.

Entertainment is a Must

Entertainment can make the difference between a successful party, and a total failure. The last thing you want are bored guests. Consider the interests of your guests, and plan an activity schedule that flows well with your theme. Your party should have structure with a beginning, middle, and end, each prompted with a fun activity or entertainment. 

About Wrapped in a Box

Wrapped In A Box, located in Coral Springs has a handsome collection of favors, fine invitationsstationery, bridal, and other event reception accessories, gifts to welcome baby, gifts for the bridal party, men's gift items and couture fashion jewelry. Wrapped also specializes in Party Rentals, Event Décor and Styling. 

Party Rental Trends For 2015: Go From Blah, to Breathtaking

Party Rental

2015 is the year we say goodbye to boring old trends, and hello to an “anything goes” mentality for  party rental decor. Whether you’re planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday bash or some other celebration, now’s the time to bring out your unique style. If thumbing through most party planning materials makes you think, “been there, done that,” then read on to get some great rental ideas.

Jumbo Alphabet Letters, and Rustic Dance Floors

See your name in lights. Or at least your initials. You can rent jumbo, lighted letters that spell virtually anything. Create a stunning mantelpiece or centerpiece with the initials of the bride and groom, or the birthday girl. How would you like to unveil, “It’s a Boy” in lights at your baby shower or gender-reveal party? Take this, and couple it with a rented walnut-style dance floor, and you have the makings for a fun, customized party.

Handcrafted Furniture for an Elegant, Bohemian Style

People are loving the bohemian look. With a get-back-to-nature trend, party planners are looking for  party rental decor that blends with natural surroundings. Find your inner zen-itude with handmade tables and chairs, made with scrap wooden planks. This provides an eco-friendly, and beautiful addition to your party, and works wonderfully for creating a lovely outdoor scene.

Mix-and-Match Decor for Maximum Style

Are you planning your party in a hurry or on a budget? These days people are mixing different, complementing styles, so you can integrate what you already have. Industrial looking chairs, and an elegant French-style table? Why not? When brought together with nice table linens, lighting, and atmosphere, you have a uniquely chic design. Party rental providers are seeing more and more people mix a variety of styles together, to create their own party trends.

Do you need to send party invitations, or a special announcement?  Wrapped In A Box provides lovely invitations, wedding stationery, and reception accessories that compliment any style. Top off your unique party plan with our custom designs. 


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